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Mike McHugh gives you Creative Sweet TV 30 December 2007

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Browsing around YouTube I stumbled upon this guy Mike McHugh. His YouTube description reads this:

Mike McHugh is Australia’s top Adobe Creative Suite Trainer, and is an Adobe Ambassador. Also the Author “How to Wow with InDesign CS2” and “How to Wow with Photoshop Elements”. And now a great new Podcast Creative SWEET TV. If you are looking for onsite training you have come to the right place.

He has a nice set of videotutorials (36) relating to some of the niftier tips and tricks with the Adobe Creative Suite (Also known as Adobe CS) and Adobe Creative Suite 3 (also known as CS3). Mike has made an effort of showing some of his tips ‘n tricks in his podcasts, and although he commonly uses quite ugly examples to show them, they are quite interesting.

Click on ‘more’ to see his video’s.



Christophe Huet – photomanipulator extra-ordinaire 28 December 2007

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Christophe Huet

Christophe Huet, a man who’s photomanipulating skills are quite interesting. But the most interesting reason I posted about him, is because he shows how he does it. In a few steps he shows you image from start to finish, showing where he began, and where he ended.

Check it out yourself. Not interested in knowing how? Then just check out his portfolio; it looks good anyways.

Popupbooks Newstyle – With included animations now! 19 December 2007

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Check out these video’s with some nifty popup books in them. That should get kids reading. or at least looking at it:

And some more to look at:


Minsk is a bit oldfashioned. 19 December 2007

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painted movie poster for spy kids 3D.

They still paint their movieposters. Well it’s a nice way to make some drastic facial makeovers. Check it out here

Movie oneliners (and multiliners) animated with only typography 15 December 2007

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Some of the best “quotes” from movies like Pulp Fiction, Devil’s advocate, and more made into animations with only typography as a design method.
check out the videos (click on more) (more…)

A look at the future – from the past 14 December 2007

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Illustrations of a futuristic world, as thought of in the 1930’s – 1970’s. No American space comics, but the lesser-known images from Russia and other European countries.


1487 Nude record covers [LP & CD] 14 December 2007

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This guy has made a list of 1487 record covers with photographed nudity in it. Most aren’t worth writing home about, but there are some pearls.


Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car 14 December 2007

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A nice example on how to use illustrations to make an INTERESTING videoclip with it. It plays nicely with color, a bit of type, and masking and moving illustrations / icons.

Musical illustrations 14 December 2007

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This guy, Jason Munn, makes illustrations for songs and artists. just check out his postershop and his portfolio.


Some info on typography 13 December 2007

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Well actually just a lot of links on typography:

Some lecturing info on typography:

And some interesting links on typography: