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Mr Doobs’ Lab 28 January 2008

Posted by vedelaha in Interactive.
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Mr. Doob has some interesting stuff on his website. Hard to describe, but just take a look. The bookshelf on top is the menu.

Basically he has a digital lab where he does experiments with techniques such as Flash, Rex, PV3D and others. But the interesting part of his site is that for most of his experiments he also published the sourcecode. Which lets you take a look inside the things he created. All of the effects are code generated which makes them, in my opinion, quite impressive.

And while you’re there, check out his blog, for other design related posts.


Animated music video’s 23 January 2008

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Two of my classmates did a presentation on animation in music video’s. Very diffent kinds of music, and style, but all contain the same thing; illustration:

Check these out(also look at the ‘more’ section):
One of the first ‘animated videoclips’:

1974 – roger glover – love is all:


Dark Roasted Blend collects interesting ads! 22 January 2008

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And I like them. Dark roasted Blend has made a collection of interesting, strange and /or just plain cool advertisements. Some of the advertisements were done by Christophe Huet, whom I mentioned before, and some by others. Just take a look at them:

Cool Ads, Part 1 Some neat ads DRB has stumbled upon

Cool Ads, Part 2 Powerful advertising at work

Click on more to see the rest of the list

Some interesting illustrators and collectives 14 January 2008

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Just a list:

More to follow!

© = collective
M = (online) magazine

Some foreign inspiration 7 January 2008

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I went to visit my sister today at my dad’s house. And there I discovered some interesting panels on the wall (I totally forgot about them). I think they’re Indonesian, but I’m not sure since they’re from my uncle’s heritage. And he can’t tell no more. But still I find them rather intriging (is this spelled right?).
Anyways enjoy! (the XL .jpg can be found here and is about 1.54 mb, so be patient if you want to look at it. It’s really worth the waiting!)

The image is a bit out of perspective by the way, since it’s a really huge photomerge done with photoshop cs 3. (it’s always a bit of tricky to get it completely right if you use more than 3 or 4 images / photo’s)

Indonesian? panels THUMB

P.S. My dad’s also got a room divider / clothing screen / dressing screen / whatever it is called, in the same style. I’ll try to make some photographs of it next time, and also post them.

Looking for some comical inspiration? 6 January 2008

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Check out coverbrowser.com. They’ve got a database filled with (mostly American) comic covers, from the 1930’s till about 2000 and something. All arranged in several categories. Even when you’re not looking for inspiration it’s still a nice way to spend some spare time with! They also have some cd covers and some magazine covers. And while you’re there check out their Labs page.

For an example have a look at these nice covers:

Some more interesting sites and databases with comic covers:
The Silver Age Marvel Comic Covers Index : Marvel Comics from the 1950’s till 1970’s and a bit later
Grand Comic Book Database (GCD) : only a searchable database but with a lot of different terms to search on
612 French Comic Books (1901-2002) & 520 American Comic books (1938-2001)
Ben Samuels Classic Golden-Age Comic Cover Gallery : Nice site with Ben Samuels personal collection, divided into Superhero & War, Good Girl & Romance and Crime & Horror Comics, and some artistspecific galleries.
superdickery.com/galleries : A different, sarcastic view on comic covers, mostly American
Holey Moley Comic Book Quest : American Comics from the 1940’s – 1950’s grouped by publisher and series (to bad it’s a free host, so beware of the ads)

L’ESMA delivers some nice animations 6 January 2008

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L’Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (L’ESMA) is a French School of Art, based in Montpellier, and the’ve made some of the nicest animations I’ve seen. There are 6 short films (about 8 min. each) of them on the internet, but I can’t wait to see more of them!

– Replay
– Le Nouveau
– Oracle
– Hugh
– Tong
– Jungle Jail
– In Memoriam

Some of the films are in French, without subtitles, some have English subs. Click on More to see them!