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How to get yourself noted as a typographer 1 July 2008

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How to get yourself noticed and remembered by a creative agency when you’re a typographer? Well the guys (and gals?) of Taylor Lane found a way. Use something everybody uses. Something ordinary, everyday object; a calendar:


Personal views of designers on their work and interests 1 July 2008

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The “Escola Superioir de Artes e Design” from Matosinhos, Portugal (Europe), has been filming lectures by designers for over 4 years now. They placed most, if not all, of them on their website, free to watch and enjoy. See people like Neville Brody, Ellen Lupton, Experimental Jetset, Erik Spiekermann, and Wim Crouwel talk about designrelated subjects. Most lectures are about 1,5 hour long, so don’t do this when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare!

Graphic Design Festival in Breda, the Netherlands 25 May 2008

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From 23/05/2008 till 29/06/2008 there is a graphic design festival in the city of Breda, in the Netherlands. Ranging from seminars to workshops, you wan’t it, they’ve got it. Look on their website for more information!

Some interesting links [Part II]: 22 April 2008

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This website collects, amongst other things, essays on typography.

Al Jaffee’s MAD fold-ins:
Al Jaffee has created numerous fold-ins for MAD magazine. The New York Times had put some in a flash gallery. Humorous drawings, with a hidden message.

Barrier Art (a Flickr photo set):
Barrier Art consists of Mural drawings made by US forces in Iraq. Some are pretty nice, but most look like crap (artistically speaking). But it does explain what they do in their spare time.

Adobe TV:
Adobe has opened their own online TV channel. Focussing on their products (duh!), they’ve put some good tutorials, and interviews online.

Joge-e; The way of the 2way pictures:
Joge-e is the Japanese art of drawing pictures that can be viewed upside down as well as downside up. Which makes them fascinating to look at.

Atlas Monsters (another Flickr gathering):
A resurrected online collaborative continuation of Ashley Holt’s 1999 project entitled Our Bullets Are Useless*. At least that’s how they describe it. Interesting, nonetheless.

Hi-Fructose Magazine:
Well, it’s hard to describe, all I can say it’s another online magazine, but that’s wouldn’t quite explain it. Just look for yourself.

Some interesting links [Part I]: 14 March 2008

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30 Days 30 Pieces:
30 Days 30 Pieces is a website featuring graphic designers and illustrators whom have lost their focus on pure design and are trying to regain that. They each create one piece a day, 30 days in a row.

Jeremy Pettis has made an effort to animalize type. He’s made 26 fonts / namelogo’s that each represent their own animal.

This website has some interesting articles on graphic design and typography.

An overview of American sports logo’s. See their proces over ages, and sometimes reverting back to earlier design.

Vinyl Abuse:
A toy and art magazine.

Website of Brian Taylor, whom creates very cartoony but disturbing artwork. Also check out his blog!

The Little Chimp Society:
They call themselves ‘the illustration news portal’ and their members make quite intriging work. Some fancy it, others don’t, make your own decision.

Sarah Mensinga:

An illustrator that has a very nice style. It makes me think of Monkey Island 3. Always liked the graphics in that game.

1918 – 1932: Wendingen Magazine 14 March 2008

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During the period of 1918 and 1932 there was a Dutch magazine called “Wendingen”(it translates to English as something like “Curvings”). It was a very designwise groundbreaking magazine. And it’s influences were quite big, (in terms of Dutch graphic design), even De Stijl borrowed some influence from it.

The website (Dutch) below has made an effort of showing an overview ofmost the magazine releases:

The interesting thing of “wendingen” was that it didn’t only feature graphic designers. It was a magazine dedicated to architecture and related subjects, but still featured a lot interesting design and typography.

79 years of the best movie posters 24 February 2008

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Since it’s the 80th birthday of the Academy Award movieposteraddict.com has collected (allmost?) all of the winners’ movieposters up to date:

Check out the list here:

1487 Nude record covers [LP & CD] 14 December 2007

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This guy has made a list of 1487 record covers with photographed nudity in it. Most aren’t worth writing home about, but there are some pearls.