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Some foreign inspiration 7 January 2008

Posted by vedelaha in Handcrafted.
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I went to visit my sister today at my dad’s house. And there I discovered some interesting panels on the wall (I totally forgot about them). I think they’re Indonesian, but I’m not sure since they’re from my uncle’s heritage. And he can’t tell no more. But still I find them rather intriging (is this spelled right?).
Anyways enjoy! (the XL .jpg can be found here and is about 1.54 mb, so be patient if you want to look at it. It’s really worth the waiting!)

The image is a bit out of perspective by the way, since it’s a really huge photomerge done with photoshop cs 3. (it’s always a bit of tricky to get it completely right if you use more than 3 or 4 images / photo’s)

Indonesian? panels THUMB

P.S. My dad’s also got a room divider / clothing screen / dressing screen / whatever it is called, in the same style. I’ll try to make some photographs of it next time, and also post them.