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Personal views of designers on their work and interests 1 July 2008

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The “Escola Superioir de Artes e Design” from Matosinhos, Portugal (Europe), has been filming lectures by designers for over 4 years now. They placed most, if not all, of them on their website, free to watch and enjoy. See people like Neville Brody, Ellen Lupton, Experimental Jetset, Erik Spiekermann, and Wim Crouwel talk about designrelated subjects. Most lectures are about 1,5 hour long, so don’t do this when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare!


Some interesting links [Part II]: 22 April 2008

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This website collects, amongst other things, essays on typography.

Al Jaffee’s MAD fold-ins:
Al Jaffee has created numerous fold-ins for MAD magazine. The New York Times had put some in a flash gallery. Humorous drawings, with a hidden message.

Barrier Art (a Flickr photo set):
Barrier Art consists of Mural drawings made by US forces in Iraq. Some are pretty nice, but most look like crap (artistically speaking). But it does explain what they do in their spare time.

Adobe TV:
Adobe has opened their own online TV channel. Focussing on their products (duh!), they’ve put some good tutorials, and interviews online.

Joge-e; The way of the 2way pictures:
Joge-e is the Japanese art of drawing pictures that can be viewed upside down as well as downside up. Which makes them fascinating to look at.

Atlas Monsters (another Flickr gathering):
A resurrected online collaborative continuation of Ashley Holt’s 1999 project entitled Our Bullets Are Useless*. At least that’s how they describe it. Interesting, nonetheless.

Hi-Fructose Magazine:
Well, it’s hard to describe, all I can say it’s another online magazine, but that’s wouldn’t quite explain it. Just look for yourself.

Mike McHugh gives you Creative Sweet TV 30 December 2007

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Browsing around YouTube I stumbled upon this guy Mike McHugh. His YouTube description reads this:

Mike McHugh is Australia’s top Adobe Creative Suite Trainer, and is an Adobe Ambassador. Also the Author “How to Wow with InDesign CS2” and “How to Wow with Photoshop Elements”. And now a great new Podcast Creative SWEET TV. If you are looking for onsite training you have come to the right place.

He has a nice set of videotutorials (36) relating to some of the niftier tips and tricks with the Adobe Creative Suite (Also known as Adobe CS) and Adobe Creative Suite 3 (also known as CS3). Mike has made an effort of showing some of his tips ‘n tricks in his podcasts, and although he commonly uses quite ugly examples to show them, they are quite interesting.

Click on ‘more’ to see his video’s.


ever wondered how they make those wonderfull designs? 9 December 2007

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Computerarts tells you. Tutorials here. designer’s in depth interviews here.

Also check out N-Design. has some interesting articles and tutorials.